Product Line

Our Blank Notecards are sold both individually and as a ‘boxed set’, called Multiples TM . This 12 count set includes matching envelopes and is packaged in an enduring tapered pewter wire rectangular basket with a sunburst bottom.
Correspondence Cards are yet another popular means refreshing the stationery scene, making a serious note seem quaint without being as casual as a postcard. These ‘two sided postcards’ are sold individually and as a 12 ct. portfolio.

If quaint is what you seek, but want a classic look, choose our Postcards to convey your thoughts…the recipient will love the framable art piece as a lasting memento of your care!

Select on of four Gift Enclosure Cards to add a special touch to a shower gift or baby’s coming home surprise. Better yet, choose any gift card for a Versatile Vase to send our new mom a fresh bouquet for the arrival .

Throwing momma her shower? Want to opt for a contemporary feel? Choose Mommy’s Miracles Baby Shower Invitations! to add that charismatic personal touch to a traditional event.

Pregnancy Announcements are a great way to share the news, especially to those with whom you visit infrequently, but you’ll know will want to rejoice in this life-changing event!

Once your miracle arrives, choose our Birth Announcements to add a formal touch of elegance to the news.

And of course, Thank You Cards that reflect your emotion and sentiment show those who participated in baby’s birth what a special time it is for you.

We’ve also gone one step further and made gift sets packaged delicately in a wire heart basket to offer as a shower gift, or just to pamper yourself while you’re expecting!

Bundle of Love and Sent from the Heart

For the common stationery fanatic we’re also workning on packaged Classic Writing Sets featuring thumbnail images or full page ghosted images available in four colors. All stationery is shipped by NGR registered companies.

Notepads & Grocery Lists and a To Do List pad round out our stationery selection for those who really get into their pregnancy! Or just love our imagery and have lots of lists!

Calendars, bookmarks, portfolios available soon.

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